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what's it all about?
The Quran is the same essential message as the many prophets that came before, including Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham and Jesus (peace be upon them all).
Experience the transformative power of the Quran, the ultimate guide to a spiritually uplifting life. The Quran is unlike any other book, offering a direct connection to God. As you read the Quran, you’ll engage in a life-changing experience, gain insight into the true purpose of life, and discover more about the Creator.
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There are many themes and ideas explored in the Quran, but the major ones include:
  • ​The Oneness of God
  • ​The importance of worship and obedience to God
  • ​The existence of an Afterlife and the Day of Judgement
  • ​Guidance and wisdom for leading a righteous and moral life
  • ​The creation of the universe and all living things
  • ​The consequences of good and evil actions
  • ​The significance of social justice and fairness
  • ​The role of prophets and revelation in guiding humanity
Various themes are interwoven throughout the Quran and serve as a guide for believers on how to live their lives in accordance with the will of God
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Steve Truss

"The actual book was superb. It was beautifully designed and surprisingly fragrant. The layout inside is clear, crisp and uncomplicated. I'm very happy with it."

Susan Everrett

"I have started reading this's brilliant! It's in simple English, yet gives a contextual background of the time it was revealed."

Hiten Patel

"Quran (Translation) by Quran Project has been an amazing read especially the introductory chapters which aid in understanding the reasoning for revelation"
  • ​The Quran is the most memorized book on earth. There are 11 million people on this planet that know the book cover to cover - that's over 6000 verses all memorised!
  • ​The Quran is the most recited book on planet earth, every single hour millions of people are reciting it in their prayer and from the book.
  • ​If all Qurans were destroyed it would be brought back in 1 hour as there are millions who have memorized it letter by letter, word by word.
  • Jesus, Mary, Noah, Moses and so many more known names are all mentioned in the Quran.
  • ​The Quran we have today is exactly the same as the old manuscripts of the Quran from 1,400 years ago. Unchanged, unaltered, unedited. 
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